These rules must be accepted by all players when booking.

Failure to adhere to these rules will result in immediate removal from the venue and disqualification from re-booking for two weeks.

If the session manager thinks the breach is serious enough there will be the option to prevent players from re booking again.

This decision will be subject to review by the committee.

All sessions must be booked on line go to:

Tuesday Junior Online Booking - Google Sheets

All sessions must be paid for at time of booking direct to the bank account.

HSBC account number 31579525 sort code 40-40-30 ref booking and the date of the booking. eg booking 090820 Cash will not be accepted on the day.

Entry to the venue will be by the side door THERE WILL BE NO ENTRY VIA THE FIRE DOORS AT THE FRONT OF THE BUILDING which will be used as the exit only from the venue parents should leave their Children at the entrance.

Players must not attend any playing facility if they are having any symptoms or have tested positive for Covid-19.

Everyone that has booked a session can arrive 10 minutes before their booked session time but not before, and wait to be invited to go to their table by the Session Manager to allow the exit of the previous session and maximise social distancing.

Entry and exit to the playing area will be via the marked one way system that all players must adhere to.

The club will clean surfaces to the common doors and the areas on the table tennis table / barriers used for setting up the tables or putting them away.

There will be no signing in, as all sessions will be pre booked.

Failure to arrive for a booked session will mean no further bookings for at least 2 weeks.

The changing rooms are not to be used for showering.

No shouting.

If a ball goes into another court, balls can be retrieved but you must wait until there is a break in play.

We will supply balls and they will be taken for cleaning at the end of each session and cleaned balls will be provided for the next session.