Session Booking details

All sessions must be booked on line by going to:

Online Booking - Google Sheets

Only one session can be booked for a day at a time, so one session only on a Tuesday or a Wednesday or one on each day if they are available.

We want as many players as possible to take part and the booking system to be as simple as possible, however if we need to adjust the booking arrangements if too many or too few people are booking we will do that as we progress.

Once you have booked your session you must pay directly into the SCCTC bank account: HSBC account number 31579525, sort code 40-40-30 quoting the date of the booking as the reference, e.g. booking 090820.

If the booking has not been paid for at least 48 hours prior to the booking date it will be cancelled to enable someone else to take the space.

Cash will not be accepted on the day.

Sessions will be of one hour duration and be charged at £5 per player. You can invite another SCTTC player to play with you or leave the second player blank for someone to join you.

Failure to arrive for a booked session will mean no further bookings for at least 2 weeks and the session fee will not be returned.

If you cannot attend a session due to unforeseen circumstances please give as much notice as possible so that a replacement can be found.

Conditions of Play

Entry to the venue will be by the side door THERE WILL BE NO ENTRY VIA THE FIRE DOORS AT THE FRONT OF THE BUILDING which will be used as the exit only from the venue.

Players must not attend any playing facility if they are having any symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19.

You should feel you are in the correct physical condition before considering a return to training and match play.

Everyone that has booked a session can arrive 10 minutes before their booked session time but not before, and wait to be invited to go to their table by the Session Manager to allow the exit of the previous session and maximise social distancing.

There will be no signing in, as all sessions will be pre booked.

Each player will be responsible for cleaning their side of the table at the end of a session, with the equipment provided.

If a ball goes into another court, balls can be retrieved but you must wait until there is a break in play. Do not expect players to pass the ball back.

We will supply balls and they will be taken for cleaning at the end of each session and cleaned balls will be provided for the next session.